ICC World Cup 2023 schedule and how to play along?

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In the ever-evolving world of cricket fandom, gone are the days when we could only sit on the sidelines, cheering for our favourite teams. Cricket has always been a sport that unites people, and now, technology has taken this unity to a whole new level. Fans no longer have to be mere observers. Now, the thrill extends beyond the screen as fans have the opportunity to not only watch but also actively participate and even win incredible prizes during the ICC World Cup 2023 with fantasy cricket contests.
You can create your own dream team, pick your favourite players, and compete against other fans worldwide.

If you’re excited and want to get started right away, read on! In this blog, we will discuss the World 2023 schedule, and how you can play along with fantasy cricket.

ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule

Sr. No.Team 1Team 2Date
1EnglandNew ZealandOct-05-23
4South AfricaSri LankaOct-7-2023
6New ZealandNetherlandsOct-9-2023
8PakistanSri LankaOct-10-2023
10AustraliaSouth AfricaOct-12-2023
11New ZealandBangladeshOct-13-2023
14AustraliaSri LankaOct-16-2023
15South AfricaNetherlandsOct-17-2023
16New ZealandAfghanistanOct-18-2023
19NetherlandsSri LankaOct-21-2023
20EnglandSouth AfricaOct-21-2023
21IndiaNew ZealandOct-22-2023
23South AfricaBangladeshOct-24-2023
25EnglandSri LankaOct-26-2023
26PakistanSouth AfricaOct-27-2023
27AustraliaNew ZealandOct-28-2023
30AfghanistanSri LankaOct-30-2023
32New ZealandSouth AfricaNov-1-2023
33IndiaSri LankaNov-2-2023
35New ZealandPakistanNov-4-2023
37IndiaSouth AfricaNov-5-2023
38BangladeshSri LankaNov-6-2023
41New ZealandSri LankaNov-9-2023
42South AfricaAfghanistanNov-10-2023
46Semi Final 1Nov-15-2023
47Semi Final 2Nov-16-2023

What is Fantasy Cricket and Why Is It So Popular?

Fantasy cricket is like having your own mini-league within the larger cricket tournament. The idea is to assemble a virtual team of real players from the participating teams in the ICC World Cup for the World Cup fantasy contest. As these players perform in the actual matches, your fantasy team racks up points based on their achievements, such as scoring runs, taking wickets, and making catches. 

The popularity of fantasy cricket lies in its simplicity and the added layer of engagement it brings to watching matches. No longer are you just cheering for a team; you’re cheering for the individual players on your fantasy roster, hoping they deliver outstanding performances.

How to Get in the Game: Choosing the Right Platform

Playing fantasy cricket is as accessible as cheering for a boundary. There are several user-friendly platforms that make participating in the ICC World Cup fantasy cricket a breeze. Platforms like Dream11, offer a seamless experience for both newbies and seasoned fantasy cricket players.

To get started, all you need to do is create an account on your chosen platform. These platforms usually provide a variety of contests, from free ones where you can test your skills without spending a penny to contests with entry fees that offer enticing prizes.

Building Your Dream Team

Creating your fantasy team is where the fun begins. You’re given a budget, and each player comes with a price tag. The challenge is to build a team that not only includes your cricketing heroes but also stays within budget constraints. It’s a delightful puzzle that combines your cricket knowledge with strategic thinking.

As you pick players for your team, consider creating a balanced squad. Include top-order batsmen, reliable bowlers, and versatile all-rounders to cover all bases. And don’t forget the importance of a good captain and vice-captain – their performances will earn you double and 1.5 times the points, respectively.

Tracking Your Fantasy Team

Once you’ve assembled your dream team, it’s time to let the games begin. As the ICC World Cup matches unfold, you’ll find yourself not just rooting for your favourite teams but also glued to the performances of the players in your fantasy squad.

Most fantasy cricket platforms provide real-time updates on player performances and overall team scores. This real-time engagement adds a layer of excitement to each delivery, boundary, and wicket. You’re not just watching; you’re actively involved in the unfolding drama of the tournament.

Understanding the Points System

To truly master the game, it helps to understand how points are awarded. Each platform may have slight variations in its scoring system, but the basics remain similar. Players earn points for runs scored, wickets taken, catches, run-outs, and other notable on-field actions. Keeping track of these point-scoring events is essential to making strategic decisions during the tournament.

Tips for Success

While playing fantasy cricket or any fantasy sport is undoubtedly enjoyable, winning adds a whole new level of satisfaction. Here are some practical tips to elevate your fantasy cricket game:

1. Know Your Players: Before the tournament kicks off, familiarize yourself with the players – their recent form, track record in ICC tournaments, and performance in various conditions.

2. Captaincy Matters: Choosing the right captain and vice-captain is pivotal. Opt for players in top form and those with a history of stepping up in crucial matches.

3. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on team news, injuries, and weather conditions. Last-minute changes can impact player availability and, consequently, your fantasy team’s performance.

4. Diversify Your Selection: While it’s tempting to load up on star players, a diverse team that includes promising players and budget picks can be a winning strategy.

5. Adaptability is Key: Cricket is unpredictable. Be ready to adapt your team based on player form, team dynamics, and changing match situations.

6. Enjoy the Journey: Fantasy cricket is not just about winning; it’s about enjoying the journey. Celebrate the successes of your selected players and relish the unpredictability that makes cricket so fascinating.


As the ICC World Cup 2023 unfolds, fans have the unique opportunity to transition from passive viewers to active participants. Fantasy cricket adds an exciting and engaging layer to the cricketing experience, allowing fans to showcase their cricket knowledge, strategic thinking, and, of course, their fandom.

So, gear up, create your fantasy team, and immerse yourself in the thrill of the ICC World Cup like never before. It’s time to watch, play, and who knows, maybe even win amazing prizes along the way. The cricketing world is at your fingertips – seize the moment and become a part of the action!

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